Jason Hutchens: travelogue

random collage Get a quick impression of the kinds of things I've been doing by looking at a random collage of sixteen photgraphs.
around the world The Reader's Digest version of the letters I sent back home to family and friends during my first "boondoggle", a fifty-six day around-the-world journey. My budget came out to fifty Australian dollars per-day, including food, accommodation and incidental travel, which means I slummed it big time. It was great!
letter one
While abroad I try to write home to family and friends. It turns out that I manage one letter ever three months. I know that's not much, but you'd be impressed at the circulation. My mum gives then to everyone she knows, and my grandparents do the same. Unknown people approach me in the street and want to know when the book's coming out! After submitting my PhD I moved to London to be with my girlfriend and have a working holiday. This first letter talks about Christmas and New Year in London.
letter two
This, the second of my letters back home, talks about my job at Lionhead Studios, a weekend away in Amsterdam, and a day trip to Oxford.
letter three
My third letter back home focuses on some of the many activities we pursued in London, and ends with a four day holiday in Spain and a weekend away in Belgium.
letter four My long awaited fourth letter deals with my new job in Israel, beginning with the brief holiday D. and I had in Israel and ending with a description about what I do at work. In between you'll find descriptions of holidays in Derbyshire, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Australia and Italy once again! Funny how much happens when I neglect writing letters for a few months!
ski Ade, Mark and myself went to Falls Creek in 1998. This slide show features some of the amazingly intricate moves which only first-time skiers can perform.
germany My second ever "boondoggle" happened in mid-1999, courtesy of a German company which Bruce and myself sold some software to. This slide-show covers the two weeks I spend in Hamburg.
ireland I convinced the Germans to get me an around-the-world ticket (when you come from Australia, it's often cheaper than a return journey to one destination Europe). After Hamburg I visited Nazy in Ireland, where I made friends with Geoff, another ex-UWA engineer. Surprisingly Ade turned up, on the way home from his Big Snowboarding Adventure. The four of us went on a road trip through the Irish countryside.
porno Geoff and I returned home from the pub one night to find a pretty young thing sprawled on the lounge room floor. We decided to give her a thorough pumping, and capture it all on video!
america Still on the German "boondoggle", I returned to Australia via New York City, where I met up with Gek and embarked on a road trip north, towards Maine. I also met up with a long time 'net friend in NYC itself.
amsterdam A few pictures from a weekender in Amsterdam.
oxford A whole group of us took a bus to Oxford one fine weekend, and I've got the JPG's to prove it!
spain D. and I visited Barcelona and Montserrat for a few days. The mountainous scenery is quite impressive.
belgium I visited Brugges in Belgium one weekend with D., Cathy, Elaine and Lucy. We only stayed one night, but managed to come back with quite a few souvinirs.
derby Lucy lives in Derbyshire, and D., Cathy, Elaine and myself visited one weekend. We went to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the place where Shakespeare comes from.
israel D. and I visited Israel for four days, and were treated to a helicopter tour of the country.
italy I went to a conference in Bellagio, on the shore of Lake Como, in Italy.
portugal In early September 2000 I attended three conferences in Lisbon, Portugal. We went on a sightseeing tour, hence the pictures.
perth In April 2001 D. and I returned to Perth, our home town, for three weeks. We hardly took any pictures. What we did take is here.
d set one My girlfriend travelled to Ireland, and sent me home a few sets of photographs. I scanned them in and put them online here, along with the messages which she wrote on the back of them.
d set two This is the second set of photographs I received from my girlfriend while she was on her Irish adventure.