Jason Hutchens: coke wall

Jason Hutchens: coke wall

Title shot, 'The Wall'.

Establishing shot (outdoors, in a park somewhere or maybe near the city with views of the skyline). Pan to reveal Jas with a microphone, walking along slowly in a vaguely 60 minutes fashion.

Jas: "This is a story about how a wall came to be built. A very special wall, which has helped to unite a small community of University staff and students here in Perth, Western Australia. I was personally involved in its construction, and I have watched it grow over the past 14 months. When I got the idea to make this documentary, I thought I would be greeted with hostility from the students, who not surprisingly would want to protect the wall from the public eye. To my surprise my little project was welcomed with open arms. I was permitted to film the wall, and for that alone I am grateful. But a got more than just the wall - a lot more. I got the story behind the wall, a saga of mammoth proportions as told by the people closest to it. For the next 4 minutes you will become part of this interesting story. So sit back, relax, get yourself a glass of Coca Cola and prepare for enlightenment!"

Vox pops of people around the department talking about the wall, edited in a quick fashion, possibly with some background music.

Cut to Wil, Sonny and Bruce sitting outdoors, perhaps in the sunken gardens, with Jas off to one side in the Spinal Tap style.

Jas: "So, tell me how the wall began."

Wil: "It all started with my parents camp fridge."

Shot of fridge.

Cut back to close-up of Wil.

Wil: (continues) "I brought it in to Uni one day, you know, just to keep drinks cold and stuff. It all started slowly, but some of the other guys started putting their cans of drink in there too. Before I knew it, we were buying a carton of Coca Cola every week."

Jas: "Right, so you split the costs between the three of you?"

Bruce: "Yes, that's right."

Sonny: "You've got to realise that students require caffeine. That's really important - sometimes it's the only thing that keeps you going."

Cut to Jas nodding. Wil and Bruce generally agree.

Cut back to closer shot of Sonny.

Sonny: (continues) "Anyway, we all soon got tired of walking to the bin to put the empty cans away, so they started accumulating on the desk. One day I was playing around with them while talking on the phone, and when I looked down at them I realised I had built something."

Cut to Jas.

Jas: (solemnly) "And what was that?"

Cut back to Sonny, extreme close-up.

Sonny: (pausing for effect) "It was a small wall."

Cut to shot of a small stack of cans on a desk.

Cut to shot of Jas walking towards camera, hands waving, either in the street or down a corridor.

Jas: "Something seemed right about the structure that had inadvertantly been created. The small wall grew larger over the following weeks, and the students became active in it's construction. They couldn't satisfy their craving for empty cans quickly enough."

Cut back to Wil

Wil: "At that stage, I decided it was time to start selling cans. We have a Coke vending machine in the building, and lots of people were using it, but it is expensive and unreliable."

Cut to vision of Coke machine, with shots of hundreds of five cent coins pouring out of it, people hitting it, and several students rocking it about. Also show vision of the sign on the door, the fridge, the money pile and the cartons of coke.

Jas: (voiceover) "At 50 cents a can, the students underground Coke operation became both popular and self funding. They found that they were going out on 'Coke Runs' every week. On these expeditions they would buy up to a dozen cartons of Coca Cola."

Cut to vision of a Coke Run in operation.

Jas: (voiceover) "The students sought out the cheapest cartons of Coke. Because there is usually a limit on the number of cartons that can be purchased, they worked in parallel, buying a few cartons each."

Cut to shots of the Coke Wall itself.

Jas: (voiceover) "Today the wall has grown into an enormous structure. The students began keeping track of it's growth."

Cut to Wil sitting in front of a computer.

Wil: "I started counting the number of cans in the wall, and I made a graph that showed how quickly it was growing."

Cut to vision of graph running under Netscape.

Jas: (voiceover) "Information about the wall was made available to millions of users worldwide on the Internet."

Cut back to Wil in front of the computer.

Jas: (pointing) "So, why does the graph drop off suddenly at this point?"

Cut to close-up of Wil, with a sad expression on his face. He looks dejected, but says nothing. He then asks quietly that the interview be stopped.

Cut to Jas talking to camera, at an outside location.

Jas: "Obviously I had touched a nerve. Another student picks up the story."

Cut to Sonny sitting on a chair, in a typical interviewee pose.

Sonny: "Students from another research group in this building stole my inflatable dinosaur. We got revenge by stealing all of the wheels from their chairs. This obviously pissed them off, because they retaliated."

Cut to photograph of the dinosaur.

Jas: (voiceover) "This is the only remaining photograph of the inflatable dinosaur which sparked this rivalry. It has since been destroyed."

Jas: "What did they do?"

Sonny: "They took our Coke wall."

Cut to Jas talking to camera again.

Jas: "In a four hour operation, students from the other research group dismantled the wall, and stacked the 2,700 odd cans in the lift."

Cut to shot of the lift.

Jas: (continuing) "This harmless prank became a disaster."

Cut to Sonny.

Sonny: "When the cleaners arrived the following morning, they needed to fit their trolley into the lift. When they discovered it filled with Coke cans, they threw every last one of them away."

Jas: "What, in the rubbish bin?"

Sonny: "Yes. They chucked them all in the bin."

Cut to Jas, talking to camera.

Jas: "The students weren't to be discouraged, though. The following year they slowly rebuilt the Coke Wall back to it's former glory. However, the intense rivalry between research groups continues to this day. During the filming of this documentary, the Wall was defaced by students from the rival group. Understandably the students were upset, and I had trouble gaining admittance to their lab."

Cut to shot of Jas fighting Adrian for admittance.

Cut to vision of Wil discovering the defaced wall.

Jas: (voiceover) "Typically, though, the students turned the defaced wall into something positive - a pillar."

Shots of pillar being constructed, and discussion following its creation.

Cut to shot of Jas in the Coke Wall room.

Jas: "So, what is the future of the Coke Wall? Sadly, it seems, it has come to the end of its short life. The students are being moved to another lab, and the University has requested that the wall be dismantled. It seems that the saga of the Wall is drawing to a close. Jason Hutchens, reporting for the ABC."

Cut to credits.