Jason Hutchens: resume

Jason Hutchens: resume

If you are looking for someone with my skills, may I suggest you contact Amristar, a company I set up with five mates. I am currently working in Israel.

Personal Details

Name: Jason Lloyd Hutchens
Date of Birth: January 22nd, 1972
Age in Years: 28
Place of Birth: Fremantle, Western Australia
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian
Languages Spoken: English
Languages Written: English
Marital Status: Single
Address in Australia: 3 Giddens Crt.
  North Lake, WA
Telephone in Australia: +61-8-9337-4448
Mobile Phone: +972-54-288914
Email Address: hutch@tmbg.org
Web Page: Click here

Quick Overview

Jason Hutchens graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1994 with first-class honours in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, majoring in Information Technology. He is submitted his PhD thesis in Information Technology, in December 1999. More information about Jason's PhD work is available on the Web.

Jason is a skilled programmer, proficient in C, C++ and Java, with experience writing intelligent information processing systems and artificial intelligence software. He has had experience building large web sites which feature e-commerce, online credit card transactions, information mining, user registration and privileges, tools for automatically generating user home pages, and powerful database back-ends with natural language interfaces.

Since 1996 Jason has entered the annual Loebner Contest in Artificial Intelligence, winning the contest in 1996, coming runner-up in 1997 and 1998, and placing fourth in 1999. More information is available.

Jason's 1997 entry to the Loebner Contest was purchased by a German company, and used to produce an online virtual agent known as eBrain. More information is available.

In mid-1999 Jason started an Australian company with five friends of his from university. The company, Amristar Pty. Ltd., has worked on various software contracts, including the implementation of an ambitious intelligent web site for an ISP in Perth, Western Australia, and a demonstration of an intelligent Web agent for a company in California. More information about Amristar is available on the web.

In early-2000, Jason worked at Lionhead Studios on the computer game "Black and White". Jason's job was to implement the part of the game which provided the user with challenges to complete. This entailed designing and programming a stack-based virtual machine, a programming language allowing game designers to write challenges, and a compiler to turn these into virtual machine code. Jason completed this project in under four months. Information about Lionhead Studios is available on the web.

Jason is currently working as Chief Scientist for an Israeli-based company called Artificial Intelligence. More information about Artificial Intelligence is available on the web.


Primary education at Kardinya Primary School from 1978 to 1984. Secondary education at North Lake Senior Campus from 1985 to 1989. Academic results available on request.

Tertiary education at the University of Western Australia from 1991 to 1994. Honours thesis entitled ``Natural Language Grammatical Inference'' submitted in 1994, Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Information Technology with First Class Honours subsequently awarded. Academic results available on request.

Currently in the final stages of writing PhD thesis, with submission scheduled for early December, 1999.

Technical Experience


Employment History

Other Experience

Experience programming games and other applications for the Sony Playstation console via the Net-Yaroze hobbyist Playstation kit.

Experience in using a Sony Digital Camcorder, and editing raw footage using Adobe Premiere 5.0, a non-linear video editing package.

An active member of the Grammatical Inference research community, including participating in discussions on Usenet, and traveling to conferences and Universities around the world to meet fellow researchers.

On the organising committee for two international conferences (on Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation) held at the University at the end of 1995; responsible for arranging catering for eight hundred delegates, and supervised a dozen students volunteers.

Three years of volunteering for the University Open Day and the Engineering Open Day. Letters of thanks from the Dean and Archchancellor available on request.

Good communication, numeracy and literacy skills and a well-developed sense of humour. Holder of an international drivers license.


Personal Interests

I enjoy playing volleyball, squash and tennis, and flying dual-wire kites. I frequently go mountain biking in the hills around Perth.

Drinking good ales is a favourite pastime, and I have brewed my own beer on many occasions at a local microbrewery. I also enjoy fine wine, and recently graduated from a short wine appreciation course held by the Western Australian Wine Industry Association.

I like reading good books, and I am particularly fond of Colleen McCullough's historical novels of the Romans, and Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. In my spare time I write myself.

I own a Yamaha electric keyboard, and have been having piano lessons. I compose and record music (rather badly) by linking the keyboard to my PC via MIDI.

I enjoy travelling, and have made two solo around-the-world trips, once in 1996 and once in 1999.

I like to make home movies of my adventures; I enjoy the process of filming footage and then editing it down to something which is watchable by total strangers.


Copies of all references are available on request.

Mr. Keith Godfrey, Lecturer at UWA. Contactable on +61-8-9380-3046, or via email at:

Dr. Mike Alder, PhD Supervisor. Contactable on +61-8-9380-3856, or via email at:

Prof. Yianni Attikiouzel, Head of CIIPS. Contactable via his secretary, Ms. Violetta Cetrullo, on +61-8-9380-3106, or via email at yianni@ee.uwa.edu.au.